This album is NIL's second work. We decided to explore new grounds once again. Our interest for Debussy, who had a really "progressive" writing, and the hundredth anniversary of the Nocturnes piece motivated us to adapt this classical masterpiece.

The Miro's painting we used for cover is an adaptation of Sorgh's painting, "The luth's player", as we ourselves revisited Debussy's piece to finally write our own version of it.

Opening the album, you can hear a Ligeti's cover of his "Bagatelle N.4". It was the ideal counterpoint of the exercise below, the only difference being that we played exactly the music Ligeti wrote( except for the drumming of course!).

1 - Bagatelle n°4   [59"]   -   György Ligeti

Benjamin brought to us the recording of the Bagatelle N.4 telling us that we had to play it the way it has been written (at that time we wanted to develop some of the ideas we thought that were to concise). His idea was to show that even a classical piece could rock!


2 - Nocturnes   [18'43]   -   Claude Debussy  , Nil  

(Joël Thiery , flute)

Sam brought the idea of adopting the Debussy's piece not knowing that a hard work was waiting for us: We had to chose among the three Nocturnes's parts (Fêtes, Nuages and Sirènes.) which themes we would keep. New themes and developments were also written by the band. At the end, Debussy's and Nil's themes were so much intricate that it was really hard to find out who had written what!