"The desire for perfection is that desire which always makes every pleasure appear incomplete, for there is no joy or pleasure so great in this life that it can quench the thirst in our soul."

Dante Alighieri "The Divine Comedy"

This work has for canvas Atlantis and old Aegypt.

The story of Solon

- Is that you Solon?
- It is, Pschent, whoever else could it be?
- The Greek is right, few people care about the old man these days!
- And what's more, a blind man!
- I would not laugh if I were you, some symbols are easier to decipher with closed eyes than with open eyes. But have a seat and tell me what wise man Sonchis taught you today.
- Alas, I've sealed my lips so that what came into my ears will not drift away into the desert. I can't tell you anyhing about the teachings of the Temple.
- You have a noble heart...
- What were those notes you were playing on your harp shortly before I interrupted you?
- It is a long story Solon, but you might be pleased to hear it...

"Quarante jours sur le Sinaï" is in fact one giant piece of music. The listener is free to follow Solon's adventure or to build up its own story.

"Sur la forme..."

Instruments: drums (and percussions), bass guitars (and stick), guitars, synths (organs, mellotron, MS 20, piano), voices (vocals, incantations), harp, cello, soprano saxophone , flute and bass clarinet*.

Length: The album is divided in two parts (Act I - 36'16, Act II - 26'42).

The CD: jewel box, picture disc, 8 pages booklet + another 20 pages booklet.

* If you want to know more about the recording of the album and the people who took part in its realization: enter here!


At first, you will be probably surprised by the number of themes we expose in the beginning of the album... Don't worry, we still are after all this time working on this project! As the Nile itself, if your are patient enough, you will reach a sea of tranquility at some stage of your journey.

Naturally, each member of NIL has his own interpretation of the album, and we sincerally hope that you will tame it and be inspired listening to it...